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  • n. A vile, detestable person.


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scum +‎ sucker


  • Rudy, sayonara scumsucker, hopefully we won't have to see you ugly mug after tomorrow.

    Rudy: Winner Of Florida "Will Win The Nomination"

  • "Why are you scaremongering and lying, you scumsucker?"

    From Twitter 11-06-2009

  • If citizens do not call and write their state reps, the privatizers will have this one done before you can say dirty scumsucker.

    Stop Jindal's Backdoor Voucher Plan

  • Joe Lieberman -- the Nets ran that scumsucker out of the Democratic party; if he wants to sell out his constituents, he'll have to do so as the Inde-republicac-pendent from Connecticut.

    Vote the Goddam Issues, or I Will Release the Robot Bees Prematurely

  • Perhaps he can find solace with his pals, Ralph Reed & bernie Kerik…what a scumsucker.

    Think Progress » “It’s sort of the fashionable liberal view

  • And I wish I believed in Hell, just so could be assured that the scumsucker was getting his just desserts.

    Strom go down the hole

  • Say goodbye to your liberty, your prosperity (if any, after a year of the commie scumsucker in the White House dragging us down as fast and as far as he can), and your right to make your own health-care decisions.

    Cold Fury

  • Cyclonite: You use a term like "wetback" and then you really have to ask why we think you are a racist POS scumsucker?

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News

  • (I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop.) find an illegal smeared in feces, not to hard ..... then make up a kidnap and rape story against some poor sap and hold a march. i'm sick of hannity even giving this scumsucker a stage.

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  • You're a lawyer. hey me too. it's amazing how being a scumsucker increases your appreciation of cheesy photographs innit?

    Lightly Toasted


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