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  • n. Plural form of scut.


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  • When he wakes to his surroundings, it is to find that most of his companions are distinctly unpleasant, being "scuts" and "weasels" who force him to endure a particularly brutal crossing-the-line ceremony.

    John Boyne's Mutiny on the Bounty

  • Well, maybe, from street scuts she'd known, but, that was their act.


  • With practice, you adjusted to the stylizations of the system, the 0-degree foreshortening, the brown-to-black-to-gray color scheme, the scuts of dust that blew this way and that, all the interfering digital reads and indicators, and learned to determine the difference between the two marines and the longer, squirmier forms of the goats, spilling this way and that.

    Dead Zero

  • For won't the southrons, may they find themselves in the hells or ever the gods know they're dead, the scuts, won't they be mustering and resupplying faster nor we could ever hope to?

    Advance and Retreat

  • And Barry Desmond handin 'Frenchies out to the scuts in Fianna Fail.

    Delirium Tremens

  • He spoke breezily, as though courage and experience were givens for him -- even if other people were cowardly scuts.

    A Fire Upon the Deep

  • They went to ground among the trees so fast nothing showed but their scuts.

    The Heretic's Apprentice

  • One minute the whole corps will be motionless, almost invisible; the next, as at the striking-up of an orchestra, the field will be alive with them, white scuts twinkling, furry flanks flashing from fawn to sepia as, in their weavings and wheelings, they catch or lose the sun.

    Try Anything Twice

  • Let you not be thinking I’m the like of them three weak scuts come in the boat with me.

    Act II. Anna Christie

  • No, he's a despised old party that them scuts of fellers on the railway would grin at and think theirselves above, and scarcely give him a civil answer if he asked a question about his business what he's payin 'them fellers there to do for him, and which only for the prodoocers wouldn't be there at all.

    Some Everyday Folk and Dawn


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