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  • n. See scute.

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  • n. An oblong shield made of boards or wickerwork covered with leather, with sometimes an iron rim; carried chiefly by the heavy-armed infantry of the Roman army.
  • n. A scute.
  • n. One of the two lower valves of the operculum of a barnacle.
  • n. A penthouse or awning.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin scūtum, shield.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin scūtum ("shield").


  • His men were armed with round shields and long spears, the Romans had the large shield called the scutum, a better protection for the body, and the javelin, a much more effective weapon than the spear whether for hurling or thrusting.

    The History of Rome, Vol. II

  • They carried a big, oblong shield scutum and wielded a sword with a broad, straight blade, about a foot and a half long.

    The Spartacus War

  • With his fifteen-pound scutum, a strong murmillo could hit harder, but a fast thraex could get in more blows in rapid succession with his seven-pound parmula.

    The Spartacus War

  • From being a very militantly prosletysing "cum scutum et ignis" - by Sword and Fire - movement, it matured, and led by example rather than conquest.

    Two Civil Wars

  • Homines illius regionis sunt maximi et fortissimi, et quia vadunt nudi, quando debent bellare, portant vnum scutum de ferro, quod cooperit eos à capite vsque ad pedes, et si contingat eos aliquem de aduersarijs capere in bello qui pecunia non possit redimi, statim comedunt eum; si autem possit se redimere pecunia, illum abire permittunt: Rex eorum portat 300. margaritas ad collum suum maximas et pulcherrimas, et

    The Journal of Friar Odoric

  • Arcus bonos et fortes, et balistas quas multum timent, et sagittas sufficientes: et bonum dolabrum de bono ferro, et scutum cum longo manubrio.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • Post haec fuit verbum Jehovae ad Abram in visione, dicendo, Ne timeas Abram, ego scutum ero tibi, merces tua multa valde.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1

  • Just as the scutum of the Roman legionnaire was seen by his barbarian opponent as a weapon that enabled him to stab with impunity, so today SDI could be seen as a shield from behind which an enemy could first launch his own disarming first strike, then use his defenses to reduce or even eliminate the effect of the resulting retaliatory strike.

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin

  • Parapsides: lateral pieces of the meso-scutum, separated from the mesal portion by the parapsidal furrows.

    Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology

  • Took out my ring of brass, and put it on the index-finger of my right hand, with the scutum Davidis traced thereon.

    The Botathen Ghost


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