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  • noun Any of various marine cnidarians of the class Scyphozoa, which includes most of the jellyfishes, characterized by the absence of a polyp stage or by a polyp that is extremely small.

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  • noun Any true jellyfish of the class Scyphozoa

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  • noun any of various usually free-swimming marine coelenterates having a gelatinous medusoid stage as the dominant phase of its life cycle


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[From New Latin Scyphozōa, class name : Greek skuphos, cup + New Latin -zōa, pl. of -zōon, -zoon.]


  • Kuhn K, Streit B, Schierwater B (1999) Isolation of Hox genes from the scyphozoan Cassiopeia xamachana: implications for the early evolution of Hox genes.

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  • Hydra magnipapillata full genome and have not been identified until now in other hydrozoan or scyphozoan species, being only known from the anthozoan

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  • Although scyphozoan sequences are lacking in the HOX1, HOX2, HOX9-14A and CDX groups (figure 1), these absences could be due to non exhaustive sampling from PCR surveys, a full genome sequence being currently lacking for this cnidarian lineage

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  • In some cases, gene relationships among cnidarian groups are congruent with the species phylogeny: hydrozoan sequences are sister-group to scyphozoan sequences, with anthozoan sequences branching basally to this ensemble.

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