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  • adjective rare, prosody Formed of words stressed on their antepenults and rhyming on all three final syllables.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the Italian sdrucciola (feminine form of sdrucciolo ("slippery”, “stressed on the antepenult")) (rima ("rhyme")); compare the Spanish esdrújulo.


  • The French, of the other side, hath both the male, as bon: son, and the female, as plaise: taise; but the sdrucciola he hath not.

    The Defense of Poesy

  • The example of the former is buono: suono; of the sdrucciola is femina: semina.

    The Defense of Poesy

  • Lastly, even the very rime itself the Italian cannot put in the last syllable, by the French named the masculine rime, but still in the next to the last, which the French call the female, or the next before that, which the Italians term sdrucciola.

    The Defense of Poesy

  • {177} motion, potion in Sidney's example of sdrucciola are three-syllable words.

    Defence of Poesie


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