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  • noun Plural form of sea-dog.


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  • I could only listen to the two sea-dogs, and show my manhood by drinking with them, fairly and squarely, drink and drink.

    Chapter 6

  • And the bunch he's got with him — Watson and Gorman their names are; they came in after you left — real sea-dogs, middle-aged, marred and battered, tough as rusty wrought-iron nails and twice as dangerous; real ugly customers, with guns in their belts, who don't strike me as just the right sort to be on such comradely terms with Swithin Hall.


  • The first English names on the Atlantic Coast were Virginia and Cape Fear, though neither virginity nor fear "was a commodity held in much repute among those sea-dogs," Mr. Stewart remarks.

    A Long Way From Dullsville

  • And so the two old sea-dogs chatted on, while their companions dropped off one by one, and only Amyas remained.

    Westward Ho!

  • The Spaniards in her yielded without a blow, crying “Misericordia;” and the negroes, leaping overboard, swam ashore like sea-dogs.

    Westward Ho!

  • I have doubted when they would persuade me, that the glossopetres which I have seen formed in my fields, were originally the tongues of sea-dogs, that the lime used in my barn was composed of shells only, that corals were the production of the excrement of certain little fishes, that the sea by its currents has formed Mount Cenis and Mount Taurus, and that Niobe was formerly changed into marble.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • I still need your advice on handling this cranky gang of sea-dogs.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • Even though you gorged yourself on sea-dogs, you would not beat the Milesians.

    The Knights

  • Three of the most suspicious sea-dogs Brashen had ever encountered brought out merchandise samples, a bit at a time, and prices were negotiated.

    Ship Of Magic

  • Admiral Hay Denver did not belong to the florid, white-haired, hearty school of sea-dogs which is more common in works of fiction than in the Navy List.

    Beyond the City


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