from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A sea-anemone or some similar zoantharian.


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  • It is a pretty sight, and the neatness and dispatch of the mossers make the odd sea-flower gardens attractive patches on the beach.

    The Old Coast Road From Boston to Plymouth

  • She had the air of an impalpable Undine, a creation of sea-foam and sea-flower; an exquisite suggestion of the ethereal which floated beauty, as it were, into her face.

    The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne : a Novel

  • Camille and I rode horseback, side by side, with no one near enough to smile at my sentimental laudations of the morning's splendors, or at her for repaying my eloquence with looks so full of tender worship, personal acceptance and self-bestowal, that to tell of them here would make as poor a show as to lift a sea-flower out of the sea; they call for piccolo notes and I am no musician.

    The Cavalier

  • "The still prayer of devotion" here answers, in rhyme and reality, the simile of the sea-flower in the unseen deep, and the mariner's compass represents the constancy of a believer.

    The Story of the Hymns and Tunes

  • The social calm in which she had expanded had developed her nature as gently and securely as a sea-flower is unfolded below the reach of tides and storms.

    Beauty and the Beast: and Tales of Home

  • A sea-flower flung on an awfully barren beach: O that the Shepherd would fold that lamb!

    The Abominations of Modern Society

  • On beds of green sea-flower thy limbs shall be laid;

    The American Union Speaker

  • There it lay looming in the heated atmosphere, spreading as if in the air, just above the surface of the water, to which it appeared joined in the middle by a dark stem, as if it grew like a huge sea-flower.

    Feats on the Fiord The third book in "The Playfellow"


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