from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A garfish or sea-needle. See Belone, and cut under Belonidæ.
  • n. The hake, Merlucius vulgaris.
  • n. Any fish of the family Sphyrænidæ.
  • n. A fish of the family Centropomidæ, of an elongate form with a projecting lower jaw like a pike, and with two dorsal fins, the first of which has eight spines.
  • n. A fish of New South Wales, Lanioperca mordax.


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  • _ -- If a man wished that a sea-pike might run into the body of the person who attempted to steal, say, his bread-fruits, he would plait some cocoa-nut leaflets in the form of a sea-pike, and suspend it from one or more of the trees which he wished to protect.

    Samoa, A Hundred Years Ago And Long Before

  • Ajax could not bring himself to retreat along with the rest, but strode from deck to deck with a great sea-pike in his hands twelve cubits long and jointed with rings.

    The Iliad of Homer

  • This was necessary only because of the number of other fish about -- bass, trevally, and greedy sea-pike, with teeth like needles and as hungry as sharks.

    A Memory Of The Southern Seas 1904


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