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  • noun A plant that grows in salt water; a marine plant; an alga.


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  • Their rocks abound with kelp, a sea-plant, of which the ashes are melted into glass.

    A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland

  • Following the symbolism of the Court of Ages through the first nebulous period of the world's growth, through the second, which shows the transition in successive forms of sea-plant life, the third period is reached where are illustrated the earliest forms of human, animal, reptile and bird life prevailing in the stone age.

    The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition A Pictorial Survey of the Most Beautiful Achitectural Compositions of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

  • At length; a curious sea-plant cropping out of a crevice in the sides of the reef caught the eye of one of the crew, and he sent down an

    St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 4, February 1878

  • Here they look so much like a kind of herb, that Folks who make a study of things in nature, and are called naturalists, for a long time took them to be a kind of sea-plant, and for years it was a puzzle as to just what they were.

    Lord Dolphin

  • Stooping to touch this strange object, the sailor discovered it to be a small round sea-plant which had anchored itself to a stone, and presently he discovered that this light was but one of thousands which together formed a long straight line across the level floor of the sea.

    The Firelight Fairy Book

  • I lived in prayer like a sea-plant in the depths of the ocean.

    The Garden of Allah

  • Lately we might have raised the Ajax cry, "In the light, in the light, destroy us," but now we see the little sea-plant of grey-green grow in the east, and we are strong.

    A Tramp's Notebook

  • After saying good-bye to Dale, who went down with his boyish tread, she detained me for a second or two, holding my hand, and again her clasp enveloped it like some clinging sea-plant.

    Simon the Jester

  • At length, one day, a sailor, looking over the boat's side down into the clear water, observed a curious sea-plant growing in what appeared to be a crevice of the rock; and he called upon an Indian diver to go down and fetch it for him.

    Self help; with illustrations of conduct and perseverance

  • I did not see so much as a rush, or the coarsest sea-plant, when we were on the island yesterday.

    The Crater


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