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  • noun One of several species of seaweeds, principally of the genus Laminaria. See cut under seaweed.


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  • Given the correct conditions vast algal mats can form on the under-surface of sea ice, including both microalgae and macroalgae such as sea-tangle (Fucus distichus), and their associated epiphytic organisms such as Pylaiella littoralis.

    General description of the Arctic biota

  • Macroalgal biomass (i.e., large plants such as kelp and sea-tangle) in the Arctic is believed to be small due to habitat restrictions caused by freezing, ice scouring by small icebergs, and local freshwater input.

    General description of the Arctic biota

  • The Committee also recommends that the sale of surgical instruments which can be used for the purpose of procuring abortions, such as catheters, Bougies, and sea-tangle tents, be prohibited, except on the prescription of a medical practitioner, and that if possible their importation be placed under control.

    Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Various Aspects of the Problem of Abortion in New Zealand

  • Their skeletons lay about the deck, wrapped in sea-tangle, and from every crevice of the galleon, tall, red, and green, and yellow, and purple weeds had sprung, that waved and shivered with the motion of the sea.

    Explorers of the Dawn

  • The spume creams and surges, then disparts; but the sea-tangle sways to the deep currents of the tide undisturbed.

    Gudrid the Fair A Tale of the Discovery of America

  • Seer-King saluted gravely, and gave me a draught of spirits, distilled from the fronds of a rare sea-tangle.

    Tales of the Chesapeake

  • We have also introduced sea-tangle and sponge tents into the neck of the womb, and allowed them to remain until they expanded by absorbing moisture from the surrounding tissues.

    The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English or, Medicine Simplified, 54th ed., One Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand

  • It was all that I could do to catch a trail of the sea-tangle that grew so thickly on the terrace; but once so far anchored I secured myself by grasping a whole armful of these thick and slimy stalks, and, planting my feet against the edge, I looked around me.

    Merry Men

  • Spirit, 'no more fair winds or happy ventures; only to rot there deep in the sea-tangle and hear the shoutings of the Merry Men as the tide ran high about the island.

    Merry Men

  • Peer as I pleased, however, I could see nothing but a few fishes or a bush of sea-tangle, and here and there a lump of rock that had fallen from above and now lay separate on the sandy floor.

    Merry Men


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