from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The sea-frog, fishing-frog, or angler, Lophius piscatorius, a fish. See cut under angler.
  • noun The toadfish, Batrachus tau.
  • noun The sculpin.
  • noun The great spidercrab, Hyas araneus.


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  • I gave them a sketchy account of the sea-toad incident, which left Zed and his buddies covertly smirking.

    Perseus Spur

  • They say there is a fish called the sea-toad, surnamed the sea-devil, which stirring and spreading the mud troubles the water round about it so as to hide itself therein as in an ambush, from whence, as soon as it perceives poor little fishes, it darts upon them, kills and devours them: whence perhaps has come the common expression — fishing in troubled waters.

    Treatise on the Love of God

  • (the Moon); -- the _crapaud-de-mer_, or sea-toad, with a dangerous dorsal fin; -- the _vermeil_, the _jacquot_, the _chaponne_, and fifty others ....

    Two Years in the French West Indies


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