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  • noun A party engaged in searching for something lost, concealed, or the like.


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  • In his aching mind, Crozier saw at least one other Naval expedition setting sail for Baffin Bay in search of the lost Franklins this coming summer and most probably even a third Naval squadron sent all the way around Cape Horn to rendezvous, theoretically, with the other search-party ships near the Bering Strait, searching for them in the western arctic, to which Erebus and Terror had never come within a thousand miles.

    The Terror

  • His search-party, too, had looked awkward there, having rushed to the task of investigation — some in their shirt sleeves, others in their leather aprons, and all much stained — just as they had come from their work of barking, and not in their Sherton marketing attire; while Creedle, with his ropes and grapnels and air of impending tragedy, had added melancholy to gawkiness.

    The Woodlanders

  • That will give us the excuse to send a search-party back in that area to look for her, once you're sure she's gone quite mad!

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • This discovery gave me abundant trouble; the second search-party was a failure; and it was not till February 18th that

    The Land of Midian

  • The search-party then retraced its steps, minds still benumbed with the horror of their discovery and the knowledge that the party had died just eleven miles from One Ton Depot.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • And so it was that towards the end of October the search-party set out.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • They even joined in a manhunt for an escaped rapist-who turned himself in, practically soiling himself with fear, when he learned that Rommel was part of the search-party.


  • And yet none of the search-party gear had been affected-yet.

    The Silver Gryphon

  • And yet none of the search-party gear had been affected-yet.

    The Silver Gryphon

  • Tremane waited for the rest of the search-party to catch up and gather around.

    Storm Rising


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