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  • noun Plural form of seastar.


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  • At high tide, they form surge channels, crevices and cracks that are home to many familiar seashore animals, like seastars, hermit crabs and sea anemones.

    Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

  • More than 30,000 Northern Pacific seastars (Asterias amurensis) were removed from the shallow waters of southern Tasmania in 1993.

    Aquatic invasive species

  • The isolated pools harbored anemones and seastars.

    The Mad Ship

  • "These nets kill indiscriminantly, everything from seastars, crabs, fish, marine mammals, birds chasing the fish into the nets," says biologist Bryan Delong.

    KOMO News - News

  • This find is particularly significant because seastars are exceptionally rare in the fossil record.

    Museum Blogs

  • The scientists, who also explored the nearby Andes seamounts, discovered diverse communities living amid the cold water corals, including invertebrates like sponges and seastars and a species of worm that lives within the branches of bamboo corals (Family Isididae), modifying how the corals grow.


  • They include benthic macroinvertebrates -- animals without backbones that are larger than millimetre long -- such as corals, sponges, seastars, snails, lobsters, clams, and marine worms. News of the Underwater World

  • To name a few we saw: bluespotted lagoon rays, whitetip reef sharks, green turtles, giant clams, sea cucumbers, blue seastars, parrot fish, clown anemone fish (i.e. Nemo), black damsels and rabbit fish. Recent Updates


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