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  • n. Plural form of seawater.


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  • That night I dreamed of the seawaters of the universe slapping gently against the stars.

    Crazy Loco Love

  • Salinity may continue to increase in the delta from infiltration by seawaters as the delta face erodes and as erosion opens the existing lagoons to the sea.

    Nile Delta flooded savanna

  • Ries placed his artificial seawaters in 10-gallon glass tanks, then added fragments of the three species of Caribbean reef-building corals.

    Thompson: "Remarkably Similar" « Climate Audit

  • They continued on, Walker searching now for a trace of the key, a hint of its presence in the solid rock and shifting seawaters that lay all about.

    Ilse Witch

  • He leaned forward, chin on fists, rocked as the ship rocked, watched the green seawaters part around the bow, and thought.

    The Heirs of Babylon

  • Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science is an international multidisciplinary journal devoted to the analysis of saline water phenomena ranging from the outer edge of the continental shelf to the upper limits of the tidal zone and the penetration of seawaters into estuaries.

  • The world's highest salinity for oceanic seawaters are found in the adjacent Persian Gulf, as well as the Red Sea. News

  • The team will investigate this by monitoring the biological response when collected volcanic ash particles are added to seawaters in experiments performed on the ship. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Kuwait's polluted seawaters a threat to marine life photo: Creative Commons/Mateus Hidalgo - Articles related to Jitin stresses Henry Hub-like pricing point for natural gas

  • The Nile Delta, Egypt's bread basket since antiquity, is being turned into a salty wasteland by rising seawaters, forcing some farmers off their lands and others to import sand in - Articles related to We need to realise Africa's potential on agriculture


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