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  • adv. With lesser importance.
  • adv. In a secondary manner or degree.
  • adv. secondly; in the second place

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  • adv. In a secondary manner or degree.
  • adv. Secondly; in the second place.

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  • In a secondary or subordinate manner; not primarily or originally.
  • Secondly; in the second place.

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  • adv. of secondary import


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secondary +‎ -ly


  • To a first approximation, then, we can say that what a term secondarily signifies is exactly what it signifies but does not primarily signify.

    William of Ockham

  • Although redundancy patterns vary in secondarily derived nonstandard codes, their relevance to the evolution of the canonical code is unclear. and from a recent discussion:

    ID Research, Look to the Example

  • So Being grows under all sorts of resistances in this world of the many, and, from compromise to compromise, only gets organized gradually into what may be called secondarily rational shape.


  • By the way, no one can realistically tell if you're ill or dying without you being the first person on earth to know about it first ahead of time before all others in the world would know about it secondarily from you because all others are limited in nature to only finding out secondarily, that is except for those case files involving secret poisoning unknownst to the recipients for instance more than once I've heard the perfect murder is sometimes committed by a spouse who slowly poisons their mates over months and/or years until their mate's immune system finally shuts down but until then every few or several months the intended recipient takes oddly ill and is often misdiagnosed with simply having an extra bad case of the flu and by the time they come back to the emergency room for the umpteenth time with the same undiagnosed etiology, the patient gets written off as dying from a cold or flu or pneumonia, etcetera, but rarely gets charted as death by poisoning and that's a classic example of the perfect murder especially in spouses who patiently takes their time over a matter of years instead of rushing suspicious months so that the 5th visit or 10th visit, etcetera, to the emergency room for the seemingly same routine draws no suspicion at all since the patient is already known for multiple comings and goings in and out of the emergency room over the course of 1, 2, or 3 or more years.


  • Randy, Howard Gardner at Harvard told it, and if he wasn’t the originator of it, he seems to have been the leading popularizer, because he had a high pulpit Natural History magazine and because most people who shop the idea secondarily appear to have gotten it from him — they usually mention the San, among whom he worked.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Dan Drezner’s Top Ten Books of International Economic History:

  • Do you have any updated numbers at this point and kind of secondarily to that, are you guys going to be able to provide sort of an updated order flow on an ongoing basis?

    Clean Energy Fuels CEO Discusses Q3 2010 Results - Earnings Call Transcript -- Seeking Alpha

  • Yea and if there be such a connexion, as it appears there is, it may rather be said that love to our brother seems more difficult: for we can never truly love him, till we have first been brought to love God; and so we love our brother secondarily, that is, upon his account and for his sake. "

    The Whole Works of the Rev. John Howe, M.A. with a Memoir of the Author. Vol. VI.

  • Here in the states as I have grown older, I use a walking staff to improve my balance and secondarily as a shooting aid.

    Who here likes bipods and who prefers sticks or a monopod, and why?

  • To avoid making an unwelcome pun, focus first on the meanings or associations the pun will evoke and only secondarily on humor.

    What in the Word? Rules For Better Punmanship

  • Which means when I write a scene I work extremely hard to know its physical and temporal reality with totality, and secondarily, its emotional and psychological reality in some totality; and then find, and this is always my ambition, not always achieved, the crispest, most compact way of naming that reality.

    Ben Evans: A Few Good Questions With Justin Cronin


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