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  • n. Plural form of secretion.


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  • A nasogastric (NG) tube, which passes through the nose and into the stomach, to help drain secretions from the stomach.

    After liver transplant surgery

  • The neck of the uterus was distinct and well defined and even the secretions from the neck could be seen as a tear glistening in the eye clear even and distinct and as plain as could be.

    The Invention of the Sims Speculum - Surgical Improvisation

  • Fernández & Gasparini (2000) suggested that the specialised fossae might have been used to drain unwanted saline secretions from the glands – a novel function for the structures not seen in other archosaurs.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • To the insurance companies finding little disorders in the excretions and secretions is a serious matter.

    The Prolongation of Life

  • The absorption of one's own internal secretions is not an analogous case: Here the secretion is poured directly into one's own blood or lymph stream.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage

  • If, as physiology has already proved to be the case, the internal absorption of secretions from the sex organs plays so large a part in determining the health and character of remote parts of the body, it is extremely likely that the highly stimulating secretion of man's semen can and does penetrate and affect the woman's whole organism.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage

  • Speaking of which ... and here's where I must get a little graphic, or as graphic as I ever get when discussing bodily functions or bodily secretions, which isn't very graphic at all, but still ... what is UP with all the nose-blowing that goes on after a cold?

    idiot-milk Diary Entry

  • Note: I accidentally typed "secretions" instead of "organisms" in the original version of this post.

    Wash Your New Clothes In Case Someone Wore Them And Returned Them - The Consumerist

  • Animal flesh and "secretions" were prized in cultures all around the world throughout history.

    Bad Vegan. Bad, Bad Vegan.

  • Being bitten, scratched, or exposed to "secretions" can be deadly.

    The Best Dangerous Science Jobs: Hurricane Hunter, Volcanologist


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