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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of secularize.


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  • Lastly, the Pentecostal prosperity Gospel secularizes communities.

    Grant Brooke, M.Div.: The Case for the Prosperity Gospel

  • Philosophy thus secularizes its theological ambitions and becomes discursively cosmopolitan in the process.

    Post-Secular Conviviality

  • Anthony Appiah understands cosmopolitanism as a rigorously educated personal attitude or disposition toward the world — Coleridge more thoroughly secularizes that cosmopolitan perspective.

    Romantic Fear

  • He secularizes it into a belief in necessity or determinism.

    Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President

  • Here, too, the prevailing economic approach to moral values tends to debase them, Goodin, Walzer, and Kelman all point to the fact that society sets aside certain areas as “sacred,” and that to make the public think about them in terms of costs and benefits “secularizes” them, stripping them from their special moral standing, and thus ultimately causes them to be treated the way neoclassicists say they are.


  • Whitehead secularizes God (PR 207) more radically and extensively than Spinoza does;

    Warren Ellis

  • So he secularizes his approach for the value-driven life as "a state-of-the-art system for maximizing human potential," and he employs an acronym of his own coinage to sum up his credo - DREAMSS, which stands for


  • Alternate topic that could flip out people because it secularizes and selfish-izes a sacred act:

    NYT > Home Page

  • In some, referring to nature and natural processes, he secularizes traditional religious images and makes them universal.

    High Point University Headlines

  • As a secular progressive agnostic religiously, I’m happy to see more stores using “Merry Christmas” because it further secularizes Christmas, which makes it more enjoyable for me, since I’m not interested in the religious aspects of it.

    Think Progress » O’Reilly Revives The War On Christmas


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