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  • v. Alternative spelling of securitize.


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  • The principle doesn't stop with mortgages - a football club could 'securitise' its next 20 years of gate receipts by selling bonds secured on them in order to finance a shorter-term project like the construction of a new stadium.

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  • 'securitise' sub-prime loans for on-lending to other investors.

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  • With interest rates set to zero and money flowing in an endless cascade, all a banker had to do to earn an instant fee was to make a loan to any body warmer than room temperature regardless of income documentation, then securitise the loan to get it off the bank's books.

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  • In addition, having lived through some of the consequences of the sub-prime and buy-to-let fiascos, he now proposes to securitise sub-prime business debt.

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  • Not if you can securitise the loan and sell it on to some sucker for a profit, and not if the loan is secured on an asset that is seemingly rising in value.

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  • But it is currently non-economic to securitise these loans, says Laurie Goodman of Amherst Securities.

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  • "There isn't an obvious exit for those that want an exit," he said, adding that one option banks may pursue, if made available to them, would be to securitise the loans and resell them.

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  • The book is also useful in chronicling the past 15 or so years, not least his greatest commercial trick - the scheme devised by a young Wall Street banker named David Pullman to securitise the future earnings of his songwriting catalogue in "Bowie Bonds". news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • "Last year we said we could securitise £30bn of APS assets," said Cullinan.

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  • What we need to do is bundle up all our sewage futures into Guernsey based SPVs and then securitise the shares in that entity as Collateralised Sh1t Obligations.

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