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  • n. One who or that which securitizes.


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securitize +‎ -er


  • Holding a 5% vertical slice wouldn ' t trigger the same capital requirements, the ASF said in its letter, because the securitizer would be exposed to less risk.

    Loan-Rule Spat: Define

  • In October 2006, Frank Nothaft, the chief economist at Freddie Mac, a major securitizer of home mortgages, told me that Freddie Mac had financially modeled the impact of a price decline of up to 13.4 percent.

    Infectious Exuberance

  • Countrywide was for years the biggest single customer of Fannie Mae, the giant government-sponsored mortgage securitizer that has since gone into federal conservatorship.

    Dodd's Peek-A-Boo Disclosure

  • The state attorney general's office said it appears to be the first time a subprime-mortgage securitizer such as an investment bank has settled a state investigation with a payment.

    Goldman Settles Subprime Inquiry

  • Another theme of the report is that each of the parties in the loan process -- from the securitizer to the broker -- have to have skin in the game.

    To Start Rescue,

  • Henninger's point is that the economic downturn was caused by "borrowers, lenders and securitizer shamans" who were "operating in a zero-gravity environment, aloft on moral hazard," which was due to a loss of "responsibility, restraint and remorse."

    Mitchell Bard: It's Time for a War on the War on the "War on Christmas"

  • To form a CDO that invests in subprime mortgages, a securitizer will buy up mezzanine tranches from perhaps 100 different mortgage-backed securities, and then package them in different tranches similar to the way a mortgage backed security was packaged in the first place.

    Eugene Linden: The Ecology of Toxic Mortgages

  • There is legal precedent for that thought, the 2006 Lehman case out of California made the securitizer liable.

    NAACP Subprime Lawsuit

  • The great unraveling began sometime between 2005 and 2007, when borrowers, lenders and securitizer shamans all found themselves operating in a zero-gravity environment, aloft on moral hazard.

    Mad Max and the Meltdown

  • How long will housing mortgages continue to be part of these pools after Congress creates a due diligence standard that no securitizer will want to or be able to meet?

    The Anti-Mortgage Lending Act


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