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  • noun Any grass of the genus Andropogon, including the broom-sedges; beard-grass. See broom-sedge.


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  • The vegetation types of the mid-montane subzone are mixed mid-montane forest, Castanopsis forest, Nothofagus forest, coniferous forest, mid-montane swamp forest, mid-montane sedge-grass swamp, mid-montane Phragmites grass swamps, mid-montane Miscanthus grassland and succession on abandoned gardens.

    Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

  • During the services (or perhaps we had better say, exercises), Grace Lintner sat uneasily upon a puncheon bench, so high that her feet scarcely touched the floor; behind her, preventing an upright position, was a shelf, upon which lay a few hymn books, covered with dust, stumps of pine boughs and bunches of sedge-grass, that had been used as substitutes for brooms.

    Bond and Free: A Tale of the South

  • And now he dozed and dreamed of them again, with many twitchings of feet, and cocked, quivering ears, and rigid tail, as if once more frozen to the covey in the tall sedge-grass of the old field, with the smell of frost-bitten

    The Bishop of Cottontown A Story of the Southern Cotton Mills

  • The long sedge-grass gave rustling sighs of motion, as

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 62, December, 1862

  • With clenched teeth, and hair that rustled like the sedge-grass, I rose and woke up the obedient gas, which flashed tremulously on the scales of an enormous rattlesnake coiled round the mice's cage, tightening his folds as he whizzed his infernal warning, and darting out his lightning tongue with baffled fury at the trembling group in the middle of the cage.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 29, March, 1860

  • It was a simple movement and involuntary -- like that of the little brown quail when she slips from the sedge-grass into the tangled depths of the blossoming wild blackberry bushes at the far off flash of a sharp-shinned hawk-wing, up in the blue.

    The Bishop of Cottontown A Story of the Southern Cotton Mills

  • But the men immediately pounded each other on the back and called each other "Seth" and "Joe," and, keeping behind banks lest they be seen by young uns, they shamefacedly paddled barefoot -- two old men with bare feet and silvery shanks, chuckling and catching crabs, in a salt inlet among rolling hillocks covered with sedge-grass that lisped in the breeze.

    The Innocents A Story for Lovers

  • The sedge-grass caught her feet; the blackberry-vines tore at her skirt; a rolling pebble threw her down upon her hands.

    A Tar-Heel Baron

  • There is a brook-lily on the border of the sedge-grass.

    Lorraine A romance

  • "I could cry!" she said, indignantly, and maintained a dangerous silence until they drifted into the still waters of the outlet where the starlight silvered the sedge-grass and feathery foliage formed a roof above.

    The Common Law


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