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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or caused by sedimentology


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sedimontology +‎ -ical


  • "The findings of this study are that the sedimentological and geochemical properties of the lake sediments confirm that the Sahara has been drying slowly from six thousand years ago to reach the present day conditions around 1,100 years ago," said lead author Pierre Francus, professor at the National Institute of Scientific Research in Quebec, Canada.

    Anuradha K. Herath: How Earth's Orbital Shift Shaped the Sahara

  • They found synchronous changes in lake biota and sedimentological parameters that seemed to occur in parallel with the increasing mean annual and summer temperatures starting around the 1850s, and hypothesized that the rising temperature had increased the metalimnion steepness and thermal stability in the lake, which in turn supported increasing productivity by creating more suitable conditions for the growth of plankton.

    Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic

  • The biological and sedimentological records were contrasted with a 200-year climate record specifically reconstructed for the region using a compilation of measured meteorological data and various proxy sources.

    Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic

  • The formation and melting of ice, which supplies freshwater and chemical elements, complicates the thermal, chemical, sedimentological and biological processes in the Siberian polynya.

    East Siberian Sea large marine ecosystem

  • On CCNet Jan. 24 he continues pulling the wool over non-experts eyes by attempting to denigrade paleontologists as Luis Alvarez has done in the past by labeling them as little more than drawing “their conclusions behind the microscope, fully neglecting sedimentological and field aspects.”

    Should Keller's Thin Sections Be Independently Tested? « Climate Audit

  • Although the change in ocean chemistry was not uniform throughout the ocean 6, 7, the confluence of isotopic and sedimentological data supports the conclusion that atmospheric CO2 was the primary greenhouse gas driving the PETM.

    Road Map #3 « Climate Audit

  • This facility houses a wealth of paleoclimatic data that is organized by scientific subspecialty involving biological, sedimentological and chemical proxies from terrestrial and marine environments.

    Is Hughes in compliance with data archiving requirements? « Climate Audit

  • It is however already clear that the interpretation of the sedimentological band combination is not identical (vegetation, water content and soil characteristics interfere with each other) for all areas in the vicinity of Sagalassos and that every area should be interpreted separately.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Survey Report 20

  • When VNIR and SWIR bands are combined (for specialists:) not directly visible information can be extracted, such as the water content, the sedimentological and mineralogical characteristics of recent deposits.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Survey Report 20

  • It has been studied during several field surveys, and we now have an important data base with sedimentological and palynological data.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos 2003 - Survey


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