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  • n. Plural form of sedition.


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  • -- That, far from peace and good-will to men, they meditated war against all other governments, and proposed systematically to excite in them all the very worst kind of seditions, in order to lead to their common destruction.

    The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 04 (of 12)

  • Hamilton and the other Cabinet members were vital to Washington, as there was no president before him (under the Constitution) to set precedents for him to follow in national situations such as seditions and foreign affairs.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • That state also is liable to seditions which is composed of different nations, till their differences are blended together and undistinguishable; for as a city cannot be composed of every multitude, so neither can it in every given time; for which reason all those republics which have hitherto been originally composed of different people or afterwards admitted their neighbours to the freedom of their city, have been most liable to revolutions; as when the Achaeans joined with the

    Politics: A Treatise on Government

  • Belting it out at the podium, the vitriolic Friday prayer leader Ahmad Khatami preached that voting would “nip seditions in the bud,” and then went much further.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • War and Johnson's 1,100 word essay was considered "too seditions" for print.

    Is it McChrystal Clear? Our new General in the Middle East

  • "For as the interposition of a rivulet, however small, will occasion the line of the phalanx to fluctuate, so any trifling disagreement will be the cause of seditions; but they will not so soon flow from anything else as from the disagreement between virtue and vice, and next to that between poverty and riches."

    Batting the Hornet's Nest

  • I must tell thee, however, though I am loath to disturb our harmony, that thou art the first who hast adventured to speak a word before Gilbert Greenleaf in favour of that outlawed traitor, Robert Bruce, who has by his seditions so long disturbed the peace of this realm.

    Castle Dangerous

  • I have not yet said the worst, that which is more absurd and [313] mad, in their tumults, seditions, civil and unjust wars, [314] quod stulte sucipitur, impie geritur, misere finitur.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Other common grievances are generally noxious to a body politic; alteration of laws and customs, breaking privileges, general oppressions, seditions, &c., observed by [477] Aristotle, Bodin, Boterus, Junius,

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • So the people of the Jews were stirred up to reject God, and to call upon the prophet Samuel for a king after the manner of the nations: so also the lesser cities of Greece were continually disturbed with seditions of the aristocratical and democratical factions; one part of almost every



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