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  • adj. superlative form of seedy: most seedy.


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  • Playboy, which has long lived in some of television's seediest precincts, is on a crusade to win over women with more female-friendly shows.

    Playboy TV's New Proposition: Bring in Women

  • At first sight, the issue has surfaced in its seediest, least appetising form.

    As Twitter and WikiLeaks make a mockery of the high court, is this the end of privacy as we know it?

  • It is hard to get behind folks who fake outrage at gays and adulterers, when they themselves are the seediest variety of said sinners. (anonomous gay bathroom sex, sex with your employee's wife)

    Poll: Ensign's numbers plunge after admitting affair

  • Bikes can be suggestive of innocence, then, even in the seediest of surroundings.

    Readers recommend songs about bicycles: The Results

  • The outcry that followed the recent Citizens United decision shed light on the growing rift between American consumers desperate for a fair shake and a Supreme Court that has moved speedily into the seediest corners of corporatism.

    Want Another Warren Court? Try Justice Warren

  • It's her job to catch some of the Garden State's seediest crooks when they skip bail.

    Stephanie Plum: Trenton's Scrappy Bounty Hunter

  • A guy comes to paradise and instead of enjoying himself he finds the darkest corner of the seediest bar around and drowns himself in booze every night for three weeks, with a face like he wishes some natural disaster would come and obliterate him and the whole hateful, godforsaken world around him.

    The Saved Man

  • A blackened decorated mirror, purchased in Uxbridge in “one of the seediest and most dilapidated places you have ever seen,” produced greater success, revealing a “brilliantly painted frame full of grotesque heads and shells and fishes . . . almost certainly a Mathias Lock.”


  • The worst part of my job there was delivering liquor to some of the seediest areas of Minneapolis.

    Monday Matchbook – The Bleat.

  • After a brief dinner in the seediest part of Aguascalientes, about eight miles from where the real beauty lies, you have the audacity to publically impugn and possibly negatively impact thousands of inhabitants by spewing out the following:



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