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  • verb archaic Simple past tense and past participle of seem.


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  • He laughd at my terror, placed as I was beneath him, and dreading much more the task of decending again than hazarding my neck by climbing higher, for to decend seem'd impossible without extreem hazard of sliping, and perhaps rolling down to the beach.

    Letter 290

  • The hot breezes of a summer's day were gone to rest; and a Water expanded itself before me that seem'd to have no motion but the swelling of a slow rising tide; the western clouds lay still; and Echo was ready to answer every word and every breath.

    Letter 35

  • The fantastick bounces of the Tamborine invited the heart to mirth and every note going to the boundary of the grove, seem'd to return in search of others but that instant struck from the instrument or voice.

    Letter 35

  • 'Flusht was her cheek; she seem'd the full-blown flower,

    Critical Review, 35 (May 1802), 67–75

  • After this, night seem'd to close in fast, and with my whole company I was destined to descend steep chalk hills, and go headlong into the Sea.

    Letter 289

  • The Magic power that had caused and seem'd to govern the whole scene had hung ten thousand lighted sparks twinkling like stars around the boughs of trees, so that the under side of the foliage became illuminated and gave to the eye an ashcolour'd green; every leaf as still as the trunk on which it grew, for not a breath of air passd over them.

    Letter 35

  • Old Neptune seem'd to have open'd his caverns and given us a salute from the depths of his dominion, To me it had more of horror than exultation, and I shall never forget it.

    Letter 290

  • And one in particular, I was hamper'd with, it seem'd to have a determination to resemble a large Oil Jar with a handle, but I cut the handle off, and, it became as good a tree as the rest, aye and as good as some that I have seen at Sadler's Wells.

    Letter 217

  • Pursuing the goal of becoming “a Scholar & Philosopher,” he followed a rigorous program of reading and reflection for three years until “there seem'd to be open'd up to me a New Scene of Thought.”

    David Hume

  • Quire, none seem'd so harmonious as the soft Strains of the delightful

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies


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