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  • adv. In a seething manner.
  • adv. Furiously; in a rage.


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seething +‎ -ly


  • Of course, it had been Joey who reflected publicly on the unbending arrogance of a so-called Golden Generation which imploded in self-regard at the 2006 World Cup, but still saw fit to swan back to Britain and unleash a wave of autobiographies on a seethingly shortchanged public.

    Joey Barton and Craig Bellamy: farewell bad boys but not antiheroes | Marina Hyde

  • A lot of them scream their heads off, when BHO opens his mouth, by seethingly smothering him w/socialisitic sobriquets as his nick name.

    Laura Bush talks about life after the White House

  • Amid this seethingly competitive society, my grandmother was desperate for the social cachet that would be hers with a prodigy in the family, so the young Edith was signed up for ballet classes.

    I'm not angry with Edith any more

  • Just think of what she's asked to do keep us constantly connected to a seethingly angry, chain-smoking, kick-boxing, foul-mouthed, bisexual Goth hacker with a history of violence that she frequently and ferociously updates.

    'Kids': Much More Than All Right

  • But her campaign and folks like Ferraro have done SO much damage that I really believe there may be a lot of Hillary supporters that won't come on board for Obama .... with encouragement from the HRC campaign, they consider themselves victimized, primarily by Obama and the DNC – they are seethingly, blindly and unjustifiably angry.

    Clinton makes popular vote pitch in new ad

  • How I resented this intrusion into my space, seethingly so.

    Alison Stein Wellner: Baltimore's Golden Fences Come Down

  • Just out of curiosity, who are we all seethingly jealous of?

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • Late one night, channel-surfing, I came across a strange and disturbing sight: a hairy, angry-looking man glowering straight at me, silently, seethingly.

    Morning Gazette, now with twice the sex appeal

  • Tess stared thoughtfully up at the television, although the face staring back at them now was the famously sweaty visage of Gary Williams, the seethingly intense Maryland coach who perspired more than his players.

    In a Strange City

  • "My young vixen!" exclaimed Longstreet, seethingly.

    The Laughing Fox


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