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  • noun computing, Unix A segmentation fault.
  • verb computing, Unix, intransitive To cause or experience a segmentation fault.


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segmentation fault


  • I also found that lines 504 and 505 in stationstringmodule.c will cause my Python interpreter 2.4 to segfault.

    Hansen Code « Climate Audit

  • Paul Linsay 4 The segfault I was encountering was an index out of bounds condition.

    Hansen Code « Climate Audit

  • CUPS runs gs and libgs8 shows segfault in/var/log/messagesPackage: libgs8

  • Also: can you provide me with the crash log from the dialog after the segfault? thanks,. sig not implemented yet reply to this Content

  • I ran into a few gotchas on the way: it's easy to segfault MLT from Python (something is wrong with the refcounting) generating ogg theora using MLT from Python (which uses libavformat) resulted in a bad audio/video synchronisation of the output (more than 1 second for 1 hour of video) ffmpeg2theora on the result is disk-bound on my quad core system - so use a pipe to ffmpeg2theora

    Planet Debian

  • As of this writing, as soon as you create the new group, Tasks will segfault and close.

    gHacks technology news, Software And Internet Tips For The Geek In You

  • Either of the import lines is an immediate segfault. Content

  • Also, kiosktool gives me a segfault when I try to open the dialog to bind a profile to users, but works when i try to bind to groups.

  • Call without arguments: segfault; call with argument "half": segfault; call with argument "both": works. libs1. c

    Planet Debian

  • What's New in This Release: [read full changelog] · A broken Blt could cause a segfault on some systems when Pmw tries to load Blt (this has been reported to occur on Ubuntu 9.10, but other distibutions might be affected as well); this would cause phonoripper to crash each time a dialog window is opened.

    Softpedia - Windows - All


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