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  • adjective Of or pertaining to Seidlitz, a village in Bohemia.
  • adjective effervescing salts, consisting of two separate powders, one of which contains forty grains of sodium bicarbonate mixed with two drachms of Rochell� salt (tartrate of potassium and sodium) and the other contains thirty-five grains of tartaric acid. The powders are mixed in water, and drunk while effervescing, as a mild cathartic; -- so called from the resemblance to the natural water of Seidlitz. Called also Rochelle powders.
  • adjective a natural water from Seidlitz, containing magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium sulphates, with calcium carbonate and a little magnesium chloride. It is used as an aperient.


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  • Pregnant women are generally affected with heartburn, sickness of a morning, headache, and that troublesome disease, toothache, which accompanies pregnancy; all of which may usually be avoided by keeping the bowels gently open with seidlitz powders, caster oil, or pills of rhubarb, which should be taken occasionally, either alone or in combination with colocynth and soap.

    The Ladies Book of Useful Information Compiled from many sources

  • Take a teaspoonful of powdered charcoal, mixed with water or honey, for three successive nights, then use a seidlitz powder to remove it from the system.

    The Ladies Book of Useful Information Compiled from many sources

  • They fell close enough to our troops in many instances, but they were so badly made that they would not explode, or if they did they simply fizzed, and were almost as harmless as seidlitz powders.

    Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa (1899-1900) Letters from the Front

  • Then he returned to his room, whistling carelessly, and putting the wax, which had the wards of the key sharply defined upon it, in a seidlitz-powder box, to prevent the impression being injured, he locked it up in his bureau and went to breakfast.

    Dr. Jolliffe's Boys

  • Bicarbonate of soda, in fire extinguisher, 55, 56. in Rochelle salt, 227. in soda mints, 231. in seidlitz powder, 231.

    General Science

  • If there is much feeling of fullness, and the patient is of full habit generally, eight or a dozen leeches may be applied to the lower part of the bowels; if there is fever, saline medicines may be given, such as the common effervescing draft of carbonate of soda and tartaric acid or lemon juice; or, if the bowels are much confined, seidlitz powders, assisting the action by cold clysters, if necessary.

    The Ladies Book of Useful Information Compiled from many sources

  • I have always smiled at those cases of spontaneous combustion which, like fusing the component parts of a seidlitz powder, unite two people in a bubbling and ephemeral ecstasy.

    The Man in Lower Ten

  • A box of seidlitz powders in my valise fizzed over and through the contents in a manner that would have been heartbreaking had it not been so ludicrous.

    Janey Canuck in the West

  • It was then that Venetia's effect upon him acted as the contents of the white-paper acts when emptied into the tumbler that holds the blue-paper-half of the seidlitz powder.

    The Man Who Lost Himself

  • He handed me out a little flat thing like a seidlitz-powder.

    The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories


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