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  • noun An obsolete form of seigniory.


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  • He alledged also that Saltwood & Hith belonged peculiarlie to the seigniorie of his see.

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (5 of 12) Henrie the Second

  • The king of England louinglie interteined the messengers, and vpon consideration had of their offers, as well for that he detested the shamefull murther of the duke of Orleance (which remained vnpunished by support of such as mainteined the duke of Burgognie, who (as it appeared) would keepe promise no longer than serued his owne turne) as also for that the same offers seemed to make greatlie both for his honor and profit, thought that by the office of a king he was bound in dutie to succour them that cried for iustice, and could not haue it; and namelie sith in right they were his subiects and vassals, [Sidenote: The king of England taketh vpō him to defend the Orleantiall faction.] he ought to defend them in maintenance of his superioritie and seigniorie.

    Chronicles (3 of 6): Historie of England (1 of 9) Henrie IV


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