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  • n. Plural form of seismometer.


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  • By means of delicate instruments of various kinds, called seismometers, the direction of earth-movements can be traced, and their force gauged, while by means of a simple magnet with a metal piece attached to it, an earthquake can be foretold.

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  • The project involves the installation of new infrasound devices alongside traditional volcano monitoring equipment, such as seismometers and global positioning systems.

    News From

  • When an earthquake occurs, seismometers near its source detect the first shock wave, which is usually mild and harmless.

    Quake Warning System Alerted Tokyo

  • In addition, the land around the volcano no longer seems to be inflated with magma from the Earth's interior and seismometers have detected a decline in the tremors that are normally associated with an eruption.

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  • Information on the deeper structure of the Gamburtsevs will come from a network of seismometers that will listen to earthquake signals passing through the rock from the other side of the globe.

    The Lovecraft News Network

  • The first terse tweets also outpaced the U.S. Geological Survey's conventional seismometers, which normally can take from two to 20 minutes to generate an alert.

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  • Van der Hilst's team deployed seismometers in the area from 2003 to 2004, and their research prompted the China Earthquake Administration to install some 300 seismic stations in the area in 2006.

    Wired Top Stories

  • The plant's seismometers measured PGA of 270 to 680 Gal (a later report said 829 Gal for unit 1), the S1 design bases for different units being 170 to 270 Gal and the S2 figure about 450 Gal.

    Nuclear power plants and earthquakes

  • Volcanoes exhibit many characteristic precursors before erupting, such as increased seismicity due to the moving body of magma that can be measured with seismometers, inflation and deflation of the volcano that can be measured with high-precision GPS, and changes in gas emissions.

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  • The hum is a low rumble continually present in the ground even when there are no earthquakes happening, but is detectable only by very sensitive seismometers.

    Earth’s Constant Hum Explained | Impact Lab


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