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  • noun physics A slepton which is the hypothetical supersymmetric partner of an electron


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

s- +‎ electron


  • (The supersymmetric partner of a quark would be a squark, and the partner of the electron is called the selectron - apparently physicists love silly names).

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  • So, the selectron, for example, would have an electric charge, and it would couple to the photino in the same way that the electron couples to the photon - and that's the way that electromagnetic radiation works, and TV and computers and so on.

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  • The supersymmetric particle of the electron, the selectron, wouldn't spin it all, just like the Higgs boson.

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  • A: Supersymmetry is an idea according to which in parallel to the particles that were made of, the electron for example, that goes around an atom, or the photon, which causes light, in parallel to those particles there would be other particles, call it the selectron, call it the photino, which have identical interactions.

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