self-abandoned love


from The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Lacking self-restraint, especially having completely yielded to one's impulses.


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  • I entered the house of Goya the painter self-abandoned, deaf to light

    Son of Goya

  • No man is so self-abandoned to despair and degradation, that at some casual moment thoughts of amendment ā€” some gleams of hope, however faint and transient, from the distant future ā€” will not visit him.

    The Evil Guest

  • Page view page image: or less self-abandoned than the other.

    Intimate Journals

  • Then, as if he conceived himself to be unobserved behind this shelter, he let himself go; and I became the witness of an agony, a passion, a self-abandoned nakedness, to the utter shedding of all reticences and decencies, with nothing but those thin hands and that hair between me and it.

    The Belfry

  • So stripped of stability was the pillar, that he was now a mere feather of humanity, self-abandoned to the clasp of the storm of the modern Babylon.

    Double Trouble Or, Every Hero His Own Villain

  • It is the question that concerns this world before all others, that occupies alike the patient workfolk who have yet their home unbroken, the strugglers foredoomed to loss of such scant needments as the summer gifted them withal, the hopeless and the self-abandoned and the lurking creatures of prey.

    The Nether World

  • How I wished that he was self-abandoned and even weak, so that he should have need of me, of my caress, of my tears!

    The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume VIII.

  • Webster conceives him as a self-abandoned atheist, who, maddened by poverty and tainted by vicious living, takes a fury to his heart, and, because the goodness of the world has been for ever lost to him, recklessly seeks the bad.

    Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Second Series

  • Can you see one of your own kind, with heart and head and hands like your own, so self-abandoned, so low, so hopeless, and feel no pity for him?

    Weighed and Wanting

  • Violent scenes of the most painful emotion, of which the cause was inexplicable and incomprehensible, took place repeatedly between himself and Mrs. Siddons, to whom he finally, in a paroxysm of self-abandoned misery, confessed that he had mistaken his own feelings, and that her younger daughter, and not the elder, was the real object of his affection, and ended by imploring permission to transfer his addresses from the one to the other sister.

    Records of a Girlhood


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