from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The quality or state of being self-active; self-action.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An inherent or intrinsic power of acting or moving.


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  • It will be, as a German peace activist once put it, "the spontaneous self-activity of the masses."

    Robert Naiman: If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Antiwar Democrats and Independents Likely to Provide Margin of Victory

  • If we're going to have 100 demonstrations and vigils in 100 cities on the day of the President's speech, there will have to be a significant contribution from what a German philosopher once called "the spontaneous self-activity of the masses."

    Robert Naiman: A Hundred Cities Against Escalation As the President Announces It

  • It rejects the goal of taking state power and sets forth the objective of building a horizontal network of centers of self-activity.

    Anarchism, Marxism, and Zapatismo

  • How can we make and remake our own nature within historically specific conventions of capitalist society such that we can make this self-activity a revolutionary force to dismantle capitalism itself and create the conditions for the development of our full human potential?

    April « 2007 « Bill Ayers

  • How can we materialize our self-activity as a revolutionary force and struggle for the self-determination of free and equal citizens in a just system of appropriation and distribution of social wealth?

    April « 2007 « Bill Ayers

  • The rhetoric is intermittently at a fever pitch or impenetrable, but the path to ratcheting things up turns out to be overgrown and still tangled; none of the questions raised is illuminated (I still want to know how to de-commodify my subjectivity, how to materialize my self-activity), and the rare attempts to actually undertake a Marxist analysis of U.S. or global society are disturbingly off.

    April « 2007 « Bill Ayers

  • There is an enthusiastic devotion to certain principles of lofty theory in the abstract — principles of self-activity, self-control, intellectual and moral — and there is a school practice taking little heed of the official pedagogic creed.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • “Fichtean philosophy is a call to self-activity,” insists Novalis (FS #567).

    Georg Friedrich Philipp von Hardenberg [Novalis]

  • It's the self-activity of autonomous (and thought form transcending) ISness, and the same thing is true for all living.

    The Zoom of Abandon

  • Nowing is the self-activity of that which is already the case and the unclassifiability of this realness may be a limitation for thought, but not for the realness.

    The Zoom of Abandon


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