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  • n. Alternative spelling of self-actualization.


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  • This begins with psychological needs such as food and water 'rising through to safety, belonging, esteem and ending with self-actualisation (such as creativity).

    Charity should begin with worthiness league table, says philanthropy adviser

  • Most of the Hugos go to people I haven't heard of for doing amazing things I have no awareness or interest in and as a form of community self-actualisation I think that that's really sweet and healthy.

    MIND MELD: The Hugo Awards - Success at Picking the Best, How Well it Represents the Genre, 2009 Predictions & Overlooked Titles

  • It can be associated, in particular, with Abraham Maslow's notion of "peak experiences" – the ecstatic states that satisfy the human need for self-actualisation.

    William James, part 6: Mystical states

  • Arising from the contemporary cult of individuality which repudiates all external authority as unjustified constraints on self-actualisation, ‘human rights’ culture claimed that these ‘rights’ were indeed universal – principles that transcended all cultures and therefore laid claim to superseding them.

    The 'human rights' witch-hunt

  • Moreover, because ‘human rights’ is the legal engine of self-actualisation, it is also the legal engine of moral and cultural relativism – the doctrine that values are all subjective, that there can therefore be no hierarchy of values and that no culture can have superiority over any other culture.

    The 'human rights' witch-hunt

  • The top two needs, once these basics have been achieved, are for esteem/self-esteem and self-actualisation.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Especially when it comes to self-actualisation at the top of the pyramid and love and belonging part.


  • If private property gets in the way of people living free and human livers then it loses its sacred aura, but when private property further self-actualisation perhaps it should be very sacred indeed.

    Women and the Invisible Fist

  • For those who believe in an ethos of individualism and self-actualisation, it is properly a sacrament.

    Abortion on demand and without apology (Kiwi edition)

  • In any case, work exists to fulfill her need for self-actualisation not to produce goods and services, oh no so she must choose the glamorous job.

    She who wants it all, risks it all


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