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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The response of an organism to new conditions by changes that are adapted to those conditions.


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  • We repress and overstandardise life at our peril; by over-regimentation we crush Nature's initiative and habit of intuitive self-adaptation.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • We claim that the basis of self-adaptation is the use of neutrality.

    Darwin and neutrality - The Panda's Thumb

  • The organism is capable of “active, responsive self-adaptation,” he suggests.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • She was accomplished — possessed of that fine perception and sensitiveness, and that ready power of self-adaptation to the peculiarities and moods of others, which we term tact — and was, moreover, gifted with a certain natural grace, and manners the most winning imaginable.

    The Evil Guest

  • Theories such as Lamarck's, which postulate an active responsive self-adaptation of the organism, are essentially a continuation and completing of Cuvier's thought.

    Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology

  • The mobility of labour is of course always determined within certain limits, but much may and could be done by pursuing from the beginning a right method in educating the child to develop its power of self-adaptation to the needs of a changing environment.

    The Children: Some Educational Problems

  • But during the past hundred and fifty years, Judaism has been wrestling with the problem of self-adaptation which both the redistribution of Jewry and the incursions of materialistic secularism have called into being.

    The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915

  • A review of the salient phases in the self-adaptation of religion to the changing conditions of life and thought will throw light upon the significance of that vital method of viewing Judaism which has of late worked its way into Jewish life -- for the most part unawares.

    The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915

  • When an enactment is made there is a sacrifice of the elasticity and automatic self-adaptation of custom, but an enactment is specific and is provided with sanctions.

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology

  • If it found the circumstances only a little different, it would make shift (successfully or unsuccessfully) to modify its development accordingly; if the circumstances were widely different, it would die, probably without an effort at self-adaptation.

    Erewhon; or, Over the range


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