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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In embryology, the kind of differentiation shown in structures which in their development have a high degree of independence of neighboring structures.


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  • She may not obviously resemble a man, but it saves everyone the trouble of self-differentiation.

    Rule Out Euthymia

  • In a triumph of inclusive self-differentiation, 11 other racial groups are listed, from '' Asian Indian '' to '' Samoan, '' with blank space left for anyone to write in '' Some other race. ''

    Lapham's Quarterly: From Slave to 'Negro': A Brief History of Getting Counted by the U.S. Census

  • Dainichi's mind (along with his body), making no discrimination between this and that, is like a great space (“emptiness”; kû) from out of which he transforms himself through self-differentiation into the myriad thing-events and beings.


  • Internal difference, self-differentiation, causes the character to transform, to become other as shown by the tree-woman Daphane in Blake's

    Living Inside the Poem: MOOs and Blake's Milton

  • Superficially, the central thesis is deceptively simple: the self comes to consciousness over against another self and in the process of self-differentiation realizes that it is a member of a species.

    Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

  • Not only does it recapitulate the theory of self-differentiation in that work but the central ideas of objectification, alienation, and reconciliation are drawn from it.

    Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

  • Even as it records its world as saturated with technology, the film dreams of a monstrous moment in which it could expose itself to itself, capture and possess itself for itself, and thus ward off the shock of its own self-replication, its mechanical self-differentiation and disseminationin

    _Frankenstein_'s Cinematic Dream

  • I guess self-differentiation, the mark of a leader, is another way of expressing it.

    Philocrites: A religion still seeking definition.

  • In a triumph of inclusive self-differentiation, eleven other racial groups are listed, from “Asian Indian” to “Samoan,” with blank space left for anyone to write in “Some other race.”

    The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

  • Austria sees the proposed "Atlantic Partnership Council" (APC) as an opportunity to strengthen stability in Europe and therefore welcomes the recent proposal of NATO's International Staff as it builds on basic principles of transparency, inclusiveness and self-differentiation.

    Security and Integration in Europe—An Austrian View


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