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  • adj. of self-imposed enclosure or confinement


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  • For not always obvious reasons, some tasks within the self-enclosed world that is the center table have acquired greater prestige.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • Now that it was understood as a self-enclosed finite system, it was evident that we had to bend our desires to what it was capable of saying.

    How To Change The World « Tales from the Reading Room

  • I knew now that if I was ever going to have any real friends—or I should say, any real friendships with my friends—I'd have to learn to stop being a defensive, reactive, self-enclosed jerk.

    How Jane Austen Taught Me to Be a Man

  • Yes, that Robin, #10, issue offers a nice little self-enclosed story — with double the Robins!

    Red Robin vs. Batman?

  • In the struggle for dominance in that small part of academe originally (if reluctantly) set aside for "literature," the proposition that poems, stories, and novels are best regarded as wholly unlike other, more transparently discursive verbal texts, self-enclosed, formally intricate, autonomous, and that the critic's job is to advance ways of reading such textd that enhance the reader's experience of them, has clearly lost out.

    Art and Culture

  • On the other, to extend this realism to the "vast whole" beyond the square and its provisional, self-enclosed existence is not worth the trouble, is impossible to maintain and of little value if the "world" as represented in a city square is as much world as the novelist needs to portray it in fiction.

    Translated Texts

  • There is more than a little merit to Creston Davis's claim that "the portal to theology was opened precisely because capitalism is ultimately a self-enclosed structure, and so theology gives us a way to transcend capital," a way that is "premised on relationality and not on Ego."

    Feisal G. Mohamed: Evaluating the Post-Secular Return to Belief

  • The Universal Baseball Association is about as "self-enclosed" as a novel can get.

    Saying Something

  • By the self-enclosed novel, I mean one which makes no reference — or almost no reference — to anything beyond itself.

    Saying Something

  • One may make a distinction between two types of novel: the self-enclosed and the open ...

    Saying Something


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