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  • n. The quality of being self-evident.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The quality or state of being self-evident.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The quality of being self-evident.


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self- +‎ evidence


  • I wonder if the ‘self-evidence’ is simply due to teachers noticing and giving more importance to errors which can be attributed to negative transfer.

    E is for Error « An A-Z of ELT

  • Rather, together with the loss of beauty as a transcendental, the self-evidence of goodness and truth has also been lost.

    Fr Lang on Beauty and the Liturgy

  • Fox has the highest ratings of any network, which they use as self-evidence of support for the conservative agenda.

    Critics: 'Avatar' is anti-military & anti-religion

  • In fact, given how much obviousness tends to bug Millicent, it will behoove you to make a point of asking your first readers to look specifically for instances of self-evidence.

    Author! Author! » 2010 » July

  • His blank expression reflected the self-evidence of this statement.

    The Forgotten Garden

  • As a grand conjecture, one based upon experience and continually open to revision, the ontology of Process and Reality has no pretenses toward either axiomatic self-evidence or finality.

    Why I am Not a Pantheist (Nor a Panentheist): Metaphysics, Totalization, and the Cosmos By Jonathan Weidenbaum

  • I already struggle not to feel the wool is being pulled over my eyes, or perhaps (to be kinder) I simply feel that there is a strong sort of wishful thinking going on by those involved; so for the Church to indulge in this sort of cosmeticism when the miraculousness should be allowed its own self-evidence - it makes me feel as if I'm being patronized.

    Incorruptible and Forever

  • One knows p only if one has evidence for it, and evidence “must be one of ¦ two sorts, either self-evidence or proof.”

    Jonathan Edwards

  • Firstly, the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry in the early 19th Century showed that apparent self-evidence, at least in the case of the Parallel Postulate, is no guarantee of necessary truth.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • Is there a middle ground, then, between the high standard of self-evidence on the one hand and the ˜anything goes™ attitude on the other?

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics


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