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  • Fed by one's self or itself alone.


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  • Babies who self-fed with solids were also more likely to prefer carbohydrates than spoon-fed babies, who tended to favour sweet things, said researchers Ellen Townsend and Nicola Pitchfork in a paper in the journal BMJ Open.

    Baby weight: finger foods better than spoon-feeding, study suggests

  • A woman sees the lines beginning and the sagging beginning and the skin no longer so fresh and firm but her man's still fine and sought after and then she sees the young dolly birds and she's petrified she'll lose him to them and eventually she will because he'll become bored with her carping and the self-fed agony of the self-mutilation — and too, because of his built-in uncontrollable urge toward youth ….

    Noble House

  • I drew the ill-fated purse from my bosom; and, in a sort of frenzy that raged like a self-fed fire within me, I took out gold -- gold -- gold -- more and more, till I strewed it on the floor, trampled upon it, and feasting on its very sound and brilliancy, added coins to coins, rolling and revelling on the gorgeous bed, until I sank exhausted.

    Stories by Foreign Authors: German — Volume 2

  • And so the very metaphor-whatever the force of the ambiguous word -- in its eloquent contrast between the Light and the lamp, suggests this thought, that the one is underived, self-fed, and therefore undying, and that the other owes all its flame to the touch of that uncreated

    Expositions of Holy Scripture St. John Chapters I to XIV

  • 'Near him is a head of Ennius, very intellectual; self-centred and self-fed; but wrung and gnawed by unceasing thoughts.

    Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli

  • This has borne me up, and will bear me yet through time and shame and bodily weakness and mental fever, until my ambition has won a certain height, and my disdain of human pettiness rioted in the external sources of fortune, as well as an inward fountain of bitter and self-fed consolation.

    Paul Clifford — Volume 06

  • Our souls are not self-fed, but do eat and drink of chemical water and wheat.

    Uncollected Prose

  • In the country, finding no such softening influences, and no such vent, and left to their own workings, they often become dangerously concentrated, and, growing more and more intensified as their self-fed fires are permitted to burn on, at length burst through every barrier of restraint, and set all law and reason alike at defiance.

    Gaut Gurley

  • Active transponders: These devices are self-fed by a battery and have an active transmitter on board, so that they can independently generate the radiofrequency energy necessary to communicate with the reader.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • "self-fed" plan, under which system feed is kept before the hogs at all times and they are permitted to eat at will.

    Pratt's Practical Pointers on the Care of Livestock and Poultry


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