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  • adj. Having the property of fertilizing itself; capable of self-fertilization.

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  • adj. Capable of self-fertilization.


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self- +‎ fertile


  • Peaches are considered self-fertile because a commercial crop can be produced without cross-pollination, though cross-pollination usually gives a better crop.


  • Some plants are self-fertile or self-compatible and can pollinate themselves (e.g., they act as their own pollenizer).


  • Fortunately, peaches are all self-fertile, so with luck I'll be harvesting some in another year or two.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • You will think me mad, but I bought myself a bare root dwarf (?) self-fertile, greengage plum tree, and a really giant fiberglass pot (Costco-$20, not even ugly), and there is now a plum tree on the porch.

    Growing Food

  • Like the parents, the hybrid is self-fertile and seedy.

    Chapter 27

  • The most widely cultivated, L. diversifolia ssp. diversifolia, is line L Ieucocephala being self-fertile and "tetraploid" (2n = 104).

    Chapter 27

  • Plants are highly self-fertile, with little apparent within-species variation.

    Chapter 48

  • When self-fertile selections of common rye have been inbred, with selection for vigor and fertility, and then combined with wheat, the results have been sufficiently encouraging that further work in this direction seems to be justified.

    8 Research Needs

  • The self-fertile species should have less heterozygosity and consequently should retain fewer of the deleterious recessives.

    8 Research Needs

  • On the other hand all walnut, pecan, and hickory species are self-fertile and cross-fertile, but may be self-unfruitful because of dichogamy, because they may shed their pollen either before or after the stigmas of the pistillate flowers are receptive to it.

    Northern Nut Growers Association Incorporated 39th Annual Report at Norris, Tenn. September 13-15 1948


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