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  • n. Flattery of oneself; conceitedness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Indulgence in reflections too favorable to one's self.


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From self- +‎ flattery.


  • Party upstairs thinks that, all things considered, he'd rather have a President who read and liked to read than one who preferred to watch television, the whole question just leads to self-flattery.

    A study of Presidential reading habits

  • Vain self-flattery tells us that we would follow the lead of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela or any of the other models of resistance.

    Kenneth C. Davis: America's Willing Torturers

  • There is certainly an element of self-flattery in this.

    Matthew Yglesias » One Man’s Pander

  • Never anything remotely close to condescending or evil, The Reader nevertheless suffers chiefly from a distasteful thematic overemphasis, though not far behind is the film's rather insistent self-flattery.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Compassion turns out to be a form of self-flattery.

    Presidential Moisture

  • She wouldn't have to be sent on that three-month cruise to resist him -- that's male self-flattery.

    Sheila Weller: Mad Hopes for the Mad Men Women

  • Despite all of the blather about "doing it for my children," he strikes me as someone who never stopped to figure out what he wanted to do if he was elected -- putting aside the usual reasons of ego and self-flattery, just why he wants to be president.

    Bob Wright and Jonah Goldberg on the memes about Obama's rhetoric.

  • Conceit implies that the self-flattery is excessive or worse yet, imaginary.

    Puppy Love

  • Men of fair minds, and not given up to the overweening of self-flattery, are frequently guilty of it; and in many cases one with amazement hears the arguings, and is astonished at the obstinacy of a worthy man, who yields not to the evidence of reason, though laid before him as clear as daylight.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • On the one hand, everything I just said about human origins applies just as well to the Virgin Birth — belief in it is dramatically non-scientific, and prompted largely by exactly the kind of mythological self-flattery that leads to skepticism about the efficacy of natural selection.

    It Does Matter What People Think About How the World Works


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