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  • v. To set oneself on fire, especially as a form of protest.


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self- +‎ immolate


  • But where did this siege mentality come from, why is it so fervent, how long will it last -- and the biggest question of all: Will the movement self-immolate, or will it keep spreading its scorched-earth rebellion?

    Three books on the Tea Party, reviewed by Steven Levingston

  • But a real and terrible descent into drugs and addiction and self-flagellation on the altar of morning news shows is one thing on television, another thing with five children watching their father self-immolate.

    Charlie Sheen high on Charlie Sheen -- and the world can't get enough

  • Ms. Noonan's tirade against Mr. Rumsfeld's unwillingness to self-immolate is shrill, unfair and premature, but it is sure to win her lots of praise and respect in elite media circles.

    Documentation in Rumsfeld's Memoir Is Unprecedented

  • I could hear her, scuttling around in my closet kitchen, waiting for some broccoli to self-immolate because she forgot to keep watch.


  • Free Tibet, a London-based advocacy group, said Tibetans were detained after pamphlets began circulating in the area calling for Tibetan independence and listing the names of a small number of local residents who were willing to self-immolate in support of it.

    Tibetan Said Killed at Protest in China

  • Our ideologues are as uncompromising as those on the right, and seem to just as determined to self-immolate.

    TPMDC Morning Roundup

  • What they're basically asking is for the voters to get behind a fourth gubernatorial candidate: after forcing Josh Penry out of the race, watching McInnis self-immolate, and now with the Republican brass trying one last time to veto the choice made by almost 200,000 Republican rank-and-file voters.

    Last-Ditch Attempt to Force Maes Out Underway?

  • But why do some public people in these crosshairs self-immolate while others endure and prevail?

    Mark Green: A Guide to Gaffe-Gate

  • Why bother, when the Democrats seem perfectly happy to self-immolate?

    Marshall Auerback: The Self-Inflicted Insanity of American Unemployment

  • In Damascus, Christians and Muslims live next door to one another and regard each other with more or less friendly suspicion, while in neighboring countries, armies march and terrorists self-immolate.

    Youth and Prayer


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