self-justificatory love



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  • adj. Having the quality of justifying itself.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

self- +‎ justificatory


  • Following hard on the ‘perils of pop philosophy’ article, I find it ironic that this commentary veers hard into the raw self-justificatory reductio that was lambasted only yesterday.

    Will Saletan’s Moderation

  • He speaks and writes with a moral seriousness that bears no trace of self-justificatory stridency.

    'A Churchillian Defense of the Markets'

  • Exactly, this is all an overlong discussion of the self-justificatory strategies used by people with a vested interest in making their industry relevant and therefore profitable.

    Focus Group: Undecided Voters Care Much More About Character Than Issues

  • Does all this self-justificatory aggressiveness, all the messenger-shooting and "whataboutery" How dare you criticise us!

    On Groupthink and False Obedience

  • Literary criticism, being an entirely artificial discipline, thrives on its self-justificatory elitism.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Any conscious reader will realize the actual object of such self-justificatory plea: we are not for violence of any type.

    A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)

  • The image is so familiar that we may fail to notice that it is fundamentally self-justificatory.

    'The Death of Socrates'

  • Even when diaries are only a form of talking to oneself, one may engage in an elaborate composition of a self-justificatory autobiography, much of it unconscious.

    Sex, Lies, and Sociology

  • Anna broke from her in time to leave what she had stated of herself vague and self-justificatory, so that she kept her pride, and could forgive, as she was ready to do even so far as to ask forgiveness in turn, when with her awakened enamoured heart she heard Vittoria sing at the concert of Pericles.

    Vittoria — Complete

  • The "America First and Last" crowd have done themselves - and others - even more harm by injecting tub-thumping, self-justificatory nationalism into their veins.

    The Guardian World News


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