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  • In recent papers and a forthcoming book, The Moral Molecule: Vampire Economics and the New Science of Good and Evil, Zak argues that oxytocin holds the key to human morality, policing the "self-other divide" and subtly prodding us towards virtuous behaviour.

    Oxytocin: could the 'trust hormone' rebond our troubled world?

  • Front-facing condition; requires imagined self-other transformation.

    Ability To Literally Imagine Oneself In Another's Shoes May Be Tied To Empathy

  • Frankl does not mean this in the sense that we may now come to think of self-transcendence since the advent of transpersonal psychology, as a quest for non-dual experience, or the collapse of the self-other split.

    Individual Psychology versus Existential Psychology: A Typology Approach

  • The site just tackled self-other asymmetry ( "Whereas it seems morally permissible to allow yourself to suffer unnecessarily, it seems morally impermissible to allow someone else to suffer unnecessarily").


  • But whereas Kristeva focuses on challenging the homogeneous self and the bright line between reason, on the one hand, and emotion and desire, on the other, Chodorow focuses on challenging the self-subsisting self with its sharp self-other boundaries.

    Feminist Perspectives on the Self

  • As we have seen, these words we have half digested are the distillations of great questions that must be faced if one is to live a serious life: reason-revelation, freedom-necessity, democracy-aristocracy, good-evil, body-soul, self-other, city-man, eternity-time, being-nothing.


  • Yet, you who are about to access the stars continue to torment yourselves with self-other criticism, fear, and judgment.

    Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light

  • Separating and individuating refer to the maturational step of becoming a separate person, with clear self-other boundaries.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Thus, narcissistic object choice overshadows conventional self-other object choice.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Given these self-preoccupations, the adolescent commonly cannot develop a libidinal self-other object relationship with the therapist.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents


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