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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. The act or an instance of blaming or censuring oneself.


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  • As did the 'keeper, collapsing on his hands and knees in frustration and self-recrimination.

    Pakistan v England – day four live! | Andy Bull and Rob Smyth

  • Whether it was the extermination of native Americans, support of rightwing tyrants who uttered those three magic words "I hate Communism", secret medical experiments on U.S. citizens, or collateral damage to civilian populations during wars, we seem to have little capacity for sustained self-recrimination.

    David Macaray: The Patriotism Reflex

  • And, fearless feminist though she was, she could be reduced to days of self-recrimination if someone made a snide remark about her outfit.

    Virginia Woolf, my mother and me

  • This defensive psychological distancing lasts about 19 seconds, before being swept away by a burst of intense self-recrimination, during which you feel like pulling your own brain out and spanking it over your knee.

    Jonathan Franzen's Freedom has been pulped. MORE HEADLINE TO GO HERE

  • Yet, with her poignant descriptions of a much-loved little girl who grew up to be a troubled but still cherished woman, Ms. Didion has created something luminous amid her self-recrimination and sorrow.

    A Mother's Love And Laments

  • The self-recrimination he now summoned was felt, too, as pangs of physical pain.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • In the middle of it all was Carla, her misery measured out in coffee spoons and acrid self-recrimination.

    World Of Lather

  • Following these types of outbursts, parents are often plagued by guilt and self-recrimination, but by tracing our anger to its real source, we can have compassion for ourselves.

    Lisa Firestone: How to stop yourself from "losing it" with your child

  • Perhaps they snigger a little at his account of tripping and falling into a lifeboat "How odd that his first officer seems to have done the same thing", but on the whole they understand the torrent of guilt and self-recrimination that must threaten to overwhelm him, first for losing a ship and so many lives and, second, for his subsequent behaviour.

    Why must a captain never leave a sinking ship?

  • But I digress (if not faff): the important point, at least for me, is that I went, I saw, I ate, I drank, but did so without regret or self-recrimination.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger Lite 26 Feb


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