self-reflexive love


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  • While a lot of contemporary art remains in a narcissistic bubble dedicated to its own self-reflexive trajectory, there's art emerging from war zones and the Middle East that cuts through the abstractions to where it really bleeds.

    Kiša Lala: PHOTOS: CONFLICT ART: Art From The Front Lines In Warzones And The Middle East

  • Sly Stallone, not terribly au fait with self-reflexive cinema, thought it was a documentary and withdrew an invitation to that orgy of meat-headedness, The Expendables.

    The Hard Sell: Coors Light

  • I think many self-help books contain a basic tenet of common sense, but then surround it with several hundred pages of self-reflexive waffle, which may or may not be of interest to the reader.

    On Reading Zen « Tales from the Reading Room

  • But Kadrey's Stark is hard-boiled -- not just self-conscious and wise-cracking, but bereft of hope, burning with anger, without any of that self-reflexive, cutesy stuff that writers put in when they're worried about sounding like a poseur.

    Boing Boing

  • Mumblecore's directors have molded the world as they found it on the street or at the kitchen table, much as photographers once did before they became labeled as artists and found themselves drawn to making pictures about pictures and other forms of self-reflexive commentary.

    Mumblecore Realism in the Age of Technology

  • Where I caught my break was in the strange self-reflexive turn the narrative content of the show took in its final hours, which now turn out to have been an extended celebration of Lost itself all along.

    How ‘Lost’ Teaches Us to Grieve It « Gerry Canavan

  • This is self-reflection or self-reflexive writing.

    Metaviews at Metazen

  • Hmm, i didn't see anything more self-reflexive in that story than i do in most stories of that subject and style.

    Dear James Franco

  • It's just the latest derivative subcultural generational idiom of ridicule or sarcasm (often group/self-reflexive) relating back to personal experience (sometimes only vicarious) with the blatant failures of the public school system educational model inflicted on a wide scale in the U.S. Viddy?

    Instantly tiresome expressions, cont'd (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • I encouraged them to be self-reflexive, identifying areas where they were excelling and where they could improve.

    Howard Steven Friedman: Don't Negotiate When You Are Not in a Negotiation


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