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  • adj. growing from seed dispersed by natural agency such as wind or birds


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  • Which is ironic — and frustrating — because it has self-seeded at Sugar Creek Gardens and is growing along the foundation of the gift shop.

    The beautiful — and frustrating — corydalis « Sugar Creek Gardens’ Blog

  • Hubbard points out a pleasing color combination, the blue of the fading lavender next to the red blades of Japanese blood grass and the mustard-yellow umbels of the self-seeded fennel.

    Replacing the front yard with a garden: The beauty of harmony

  • Another 20 per cent of the self-seeded sunflowers, leaving at least 16 large plants, more than enough for a small plot.

    New garlic, new order

  • The self-seeded sunflowers are growing at a phenomenal rate – at least a foot a week, spreading their parasol of leaves over all around them.

    Garlic roots and fennel shoots

  • The asparagus patch at Green Spring has failed to rejuvenate, becoming instead a bed of lovely but inedible self-seeded larkspur.

    Groundwork: A cabbage named kohlrabi

  • But these trees were not indigenous to southern England, and whilst self-seeded from their forebears, the originals were deliberately planted in a very dim and distant past to mark critical points on trackways, be it a crossroads, junction or simply to act as a waymark.

    Landmark Firs

  • I do want to take a picture of the johnny jump-ups that have self-seeded in our herb garden, because they are Legion ... but otherwise, a lot of our gardening is on hold until Mason can really help out.

    Day in the Life of an Idiot

  • Now nothing remained but a dishevelled clump of Michaelmas daisies, patches of self-seeded antirrhinums, marigolds and nasturtiums, and a single etiolated rose with two white, starved buds, its stem bent double against the stone as if resigned to the first frost.

    She Closed Her Eyes

  • It dawns on me that they are all along the river banks, self-seeded in the black alluvial soil from nuts washed down in the winter floods, lodging in rock fissures.


  • I haven't had rhubarb for a long time, but I notice that my neighbour's patch has self-seeded itself through the fence into my garden.

    Archive 2007-07-01


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