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  • n. The sense of one's own personality: a more inclusive term than ‘self-respect’ and broader than ‘self-consciousness.’


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  • Generally, we tend to think of the ego as a personal psychological problem, either our narcissistic self-concern or our painful, neurotic separate self-sense.

    Andrew Z. Cohen: Shining Light On Your Unconscious Values

  • When any individual goes very deep into a meditative state, momentarily transcending the separate self-sense or narcissistic ego, this profound singularity at the level of consciousness itself is what he or she will find.

    Andrew Z. Cohen: How a New World Is Born

  • This was yesterday's Daily Om, a good reminder about maintaining a separate self-sense in relationships.

    Daily Om: Space In Togetherness

  • The reason I relate to this as a higher self is because it has not yet emerged as a part of my personality, which allows it to be mostly free of the pathologies it will be subject to when or if it becomes a part of my self-sense.

    Everything Happens for a Reason? -- Subpersonalities and Meaning

  • He may also be the one feeding Bush’s self-sense of being the Chosen One.

    Firedoglake » Plameologists Go

  • In order for anyone to enter the three highest fulcrums of development, all of the previous six must have been mastered and integrated into the self-sense. posted by WH Sunday, August 14, 2005 @ 5:45 AM William Harryman Location:Tucson, Arizona Integral Options Cafe

    Jung to Piaget, Kohlberg to Gilligan, Kegan to Sri Aurobindo

  • The author paraphrases Heatherton who alludes that the answer is that humans have to have self-sense because we had to cooperate to gather and share food, which requires trust, and that he says requires a sense of self.

    Old Timer's Disease

  • The farther a man goes in vision, the more he sees that the plan is for joy; that the plan is one; that separateness and self-sense is illusion and pain; that one story is written in every stone and leaf and star and heart -- the one great love story of the universe.

    Child and Country A Book of the Younger Generation

  • For such a small, insignificant spec of land on this great Earth, some of the Israeli populace have a very distorted self-sense of significance. Main RSS Feed

  • Wilber’s fulcrums of self-development refer to the stages of proximate self-sense development.

    Subpersonalities -- An Integral Theoretical Model


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