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  • adj. Having self-similarity; having parts that resemble the whole, as a fractal has.


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From self- and similar.


  • The ribs are lined with series of 6 round panels organized in a self-similar, nonrecursive pattern generated through a fractal algorithm.

    The Greenhouse Nightclub Interior by bluarch Architecture

  • Fractal Geometry is the study of self-similar structures and is at the conceptual core of understanding nature's complexity.

    Fractal Geometry, Human Emotion and Social Marketing - Tom Troja - MediaBizBloggers

  • But what if literary texts or at least a significant number of them are not self-similar tissues of self-consistent details, but something looser, more informal, perhaps even more extemporaneous?

    Message and technique

  • Hugh Kenner, whose 1971 magnum opus gave McGurl his name for the earlier era, wrote that modernist literary texts are “self-similar” or “scaling objects,” terms derived from Benoit Mandelbrot, the inventor of fractal geometry.

    Message and technique

  • The self-replicating, self-similar geology of San Lucido

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • Secondly, the modern era has not yet been through any comprehensive "canonisation" yet whilst the material, building on the longer history of SF, is less likely to be self-similar.

    Help Needed!

  • So, to repeat ourselves yet again, should we soon expect a legion of Sorcerer's Apprentices to appear in studios and offices everywhere, conjuring monumental earth-moving tricks, re-knotting the floodgates of New York to relieve itself of its teeming masses, coaxing the sea to perform arabesque self-similar geogenesis, or maybe divining intercontinental migrating wave gardens from the plains of Illinois just as Paul Duka's score begins its final tempest?

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • In QED the cut-off in energy at high energy is permitted because the structure of the theory below the cut-off is self-similar to the physics above.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • One of the characteristic features of strange attractors is that they posses self-similar structure.


  • This appears to be more like a prefractal, where self-similar structure exists on only a finite number of length scales.



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