self-subsisting love



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  • While Husserl maintains that meanings are species (of meaning-giving acts or of certain parts of such acts) and are as such timeless (Husserl 1901: 23-105), Marty ascribes to them a co-becoming which of course involves temporality and certainly does not characterize them as self-subsisting species.

    Anton Marty

  • This is concurrent with a "spontaneous reasoning" that follows the same course to the conclusion that there is "another Whole [¦] another Being, transcendent and self-sufficient and unknown in itself and activating all beings [¦] that is, self-subsisting Being, Being existing through itself" (Approches de Dieu, p. 16).

    Jacques Maritain

  • ˜Lord of Species™, i.e., a luminous self-subsisting and fixed species, whose function is analogous to the Platonic Forms in so far as it ˜governs™ the species under it (rather than being a mere universal), such as the species of bodies that move the celestial spheres and all matters sublunar, including human souls.


  • The soul remains an immaterial, self-subsisting, living, knowing substance, capable of ruling over the body, but now defined in terms of its luminosity.


  • The abolition of the self-subsisting peasant had been the conscious objective of Lenin and Stalin in Russia.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • Several hundred millions of human beings were still self-subsisting, quite out of its scheme, or dealing with it only for a few manufactured articles and mass produced commodities.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • “I must give her a talking to this afternoon,” said Lewisham at his watch, and after he had bundled his books into the shiny black bag, he gave the first of his kisses that was not a distinct and self-subsisting ceremony.

    Love and Mr Lewisham

  • But whereas Kristeva focuses on challenging the homogeneous self and the bright line between reason, on the one hand, and emotion and desire, on the other, Chodorow focuses on challenging the self-subsisting self with its sharp self-other boundaries.

    Feminist Perspectives on the Self

  • The other kinds of relatedness are only imperfect reflections of this one trying to be self-subsisting, gaining their only justification from their ultimate relation to this one.


  • The opposition that is made in the world against the Spirit of God doctrinally may be reduced unto two heads; for some there are who grant his personality, or that he is a distinct self-subsisting person, but they deny his deity, deny him to be a participant of the divine nature, or will not allow him to be God.



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