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  • Thinking for one's self; forming one's own opinions, and not borrowing them ready-made from others, or merely following prevalent fashions of thought; of independent judgment.


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  • However, Novalis's emphasis on intellectual responsibility, self-thinking, and autonomy speaks clearly of a responsiveness to this dimension of Fichte's work.

    Georg Friedrich Philipp von Hardenberg [Novalis]

  • Here we see the Arabic version undoing, to some extent, Plotinus 'distinction between Aristotle's self-thinking intellective god and the truly first, highest principle.

    The Theology of Aristotle

  • Let me add to Zakaria's analysis a fitting definition of any -- not only Muslim -- fundamentalism by the German author, Thomas Meyer: "Fundamentalism is a man's self-incurred emergence from the hard demands of self-thinking, self-responsibility ... the uncertainty and openness [of modernism] ... into the security and closeness of arbitrarily chosen absolute fundamentals."

    Mail Call

  • With respect to deity, that kind of goodness is Aristotle's Prime Mover: "self-thinking thought" that moves all else only as a model for imitation.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • Plus, as a long-time visitor and admirer of UU congregations, I highly appreciate the gentle, good-hearted, fair-minded community of UU thinkers who already profess an accepting encouragement for self-thinking, and self-led learning.

    Philocrites: This week at JLA's 'fascist' prophecy.

  • The Pentagon wants to eliminate the human factor and use self-thinking robotic vehicles to ferry supplies in war zones.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • Then, it becomes a self-organizing process connected directly to the willingness of people—self-initiated, self-thinking, and self-controlled.

    Results FROM THE Heart

  • Selfishness and self-thinking lead inevitably to depression and self-pity.

    The Shepherd’s Song

  • Divine; the very eternity of its self-thinking precludes any such separation between that intellective act and the consciousness of the act.

    The Six Enneads.

  • While not a newspaper, the _Grain Growers 'Guide_ was a highly specialized journal for the Western farmer, aiming frankly at educating him to be the owner of his land, his produce, his self-respect and his franchise; to make him self-thinking and self-reliant and to defend him from unjust slurs.

    Deep Furrows


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